Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Superbaby part 2

So, Tyson is seven years older than Abby and my brother is six years older than I am. Now, when I was about two years old my parents came into the living room to find me with a blanket around my neck any my brother filming me as "superbaby". Now, you ask what this has to do with Tyson and Abby? Well, I will tell you. When I got home tonight I was tired after a long day and I walked in to find Abby with a blanket around her neck running around saying ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh and what I saw was "Superbaby" the sequel! Funny how things are in fact cyclical in history.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another day.....

We had tacos for dinner tonight and Abby did a good job of eating her tacos! Her pigtails were not so cute so anymore after a day of playing at daycare...but she is still cute.

Abby let me paint her toenails this weekend look how pretty they are! They still look pretty now and she likes to look at them. I like to look at them too because she looks so girly and so sweet and that is just so adorable!
Here is Abby sitting in the chair getting ready to get her ears pierced, but alas she went home with no earings. She so didn't like the lady that was going to do it and kept giving her dirty looks and when the lady went to put the dots on her ears she gave her a stern look and clearly said "No earings" so, for now it has not happened. Maybe one day soon, but not yet.

Here is Abby tonight at dinner saying that she was eating applesauce and trying to say Arkansas. And yes, she is using a big spoon, if you give her a baby spoon she gets mad and won't eat until you give her a big spoon because she doesn't think she needs a baby spoon anymore. When did she get so big?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just because!

Just because I thought that this was hilarious. Check out that hair! Love it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another weekend another Steelers game.

So the weekend got off to a good start as Barry got home on Friday and the kids were excited to see him. I didn't have much planned...which is how I like it. I made us reservations at the ever so popular Chilis (the only real restaurant in Jacksonville) for 5:45 thinking that would give me plenty of time to get home and for us to head out to eat. Well, it didn't work out like that. I didn't end up getting out of work until 5:40 so I met them there late, but my food was ordered and that was nice. Getting to the restaurant and withing ten minutes getting to eat! Love it. Barry picked up Abby's pictures from the daycare on Friday as well and this is what they looked like. How cute is that? The one eye looks cloudy because the scanned image didn't do so hot. Sorry about that, but you get the idea.

Not that I am partial, but doesn't this just look like she was posing for a picture in a magazine?So, Saturday we spend doing pretty much nothing but going to the grocery store which seems like a neverending thing. List or no list I always seem to forget something or run out of something within a few days of going to the store. Not that I mind shopping of course.
Sunday was nice so we went for a walk, and wouldn't you know she is in her Steelers gear again since they are playing in the AFC Championship game even as I type this. LETS GO STEELERS. If you hear a shout anywhere in the central Arkansas area later this evening I am guessing the Steelers advanced to the Super Bowl.

Here is our little diva on the stroll, I forgot to bring her sunglassed but she was quick to ask me to give her mine. Love it! She is so sassy. I was thinking about her getting older today and I sat in her room and cried as I took the changing pad and everything like that off of her dresser since she is to big for that now. I just can't believe that my baby, my 5 pound 13 ounce baby is almost two years old! Where does the time go? I find myself looking back through albums quite frequently trying to remember it all. It just goes by so fast.

It is like that song "Don't Blink" I swear that is the God's honest way it feels. Again, so big that she got her own play / eat table this weekend. She is tired of the high chair and she is getting to big for it so she got a Tinkerbell table. Here is a picture of her at her table with her colors (in the cup) and talking to Elmo. She has to have him sitting at the table with her and it is so cute. Well, I am nto watching the game and I am getting the evil glare that I need to be watching and lending my support so I better go. Princess Abby is in bed and I am going to be right behind her here in a little bit.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lets Go Steelers

Well, this morning Barry left to go to Mississippi for a week for some sort of training classes. And boy do I miss him already. He left and not ten minutes later (at 6 a.m.) Abby got up crying an running a slight fever so she snuggled into bed with her mommy and we laid there talking and watching television until she was ready to get out of bed which was around 7:45. An early start indeed. Now, we painted Abby's nails today as well, and here she is showing them off. She was even helping me blow on her nails to get them to dry faster! And when I showed her the picture that I took of her with her nails she promplty stated "Abby pretty"! Love it!

Can you see the pink nails?
Abby and Tyson showing off their Pittsburgh Steelers gear. Go Steelers!

Saturday night WWE wrestling on daddy. He is so the goofy one!

Abby played her first game of Hungry Hippos this weekend and now will walk around going hippos if she wants to play. She does however take the marbles out of everyone elses tray and puts them back in the middle so that her hippo can continue to eat. So cute.

Tyson and Abby in the kitchen getting ready to help me with the cupcakes. I made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. They turned out wonderully!

Here is the proof that the icing was just as good!

Here is Abby and myself and she kept wanting to wear the oven mit. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! We sure did.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night Night

This post will show that our little girl is finally getting some hair! Our nightly ritual is to get a bath and then get all lotioned up and dressed get a book read and go to bed. Tonight I got some really cute pictures to share of her in the bath (and you can see that she is getting some hair) and of her with her brother loving on him getting ready to go to bed. She loves her big brother so much!
Loving on her brother before bed
Can you say cheese? She is finally learning to smile when you hold up the camera instead of smiling too late. That is one happy baby.

She has her book picked out and is ready to have her story read to her.

Can you say Happy? Look at her hair! It is about time. Curly like her Mimi's.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blogging world here I come.

Happy New Years! It was way past my bedtime.
Tyson at Mimi and Pops

She loves to ride on the tractor!

Barry, Tyson and Abby going to see Santa
At Mimi's in Texarkana delivering gifts to everyone

In Jacksonville at our house getting on her new pony!

Mimi and Pops tree

Tyson in his stocking

Well, I am jumping on the bandwagon and creating a blog. One thing is for sure, my parents will be able to check this as they don't have an understanding of facebook or myspace! I will go ahead and post a few pictures of our Christmas festivities and New Years. I hope everyone had a great holiday break. I am sludging through the week trying to figure out how I am going to make it working a full five days.....