Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lets Go Steelers

Well, this morning Barry left to go to Mississippi for a week for some sort of training classes. And boy do I miss him already. He left and not ten minutes later (at 6 a.m.) Abby got up crying an running a slight fever so she snuggled into bed with her mommy and we laid there talking and watching television until she was ready to get out of bed which was around 7:45. An early start indeed. Now, we painted Abby's nails today as well, and here she is showing them off. She was even helping me blow on her nails to get them to dry faster! And when I showed her the picture that I took of her with her nails she promplty stated "Abby pretty"! Love it!

Can you see the pink nails?
Abby and Tyson showing off their Pittsburgh Steelers gear. Go Steelers!

Saturday night WWE wrestling on daddy. He is so the goofy one!

Abby played her first game of Hungry Hippos this weekend and now will walk around going hippos if she wants to play. She does however take the marbles out of everyone elses tray and puts them back in the middle so that her hippo can continue to eat. So cute.

Tyson and Abby in the kitchen getting ready to help me with the cupcakes. I made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. They turned out wonderully!

Here is the proof that the icing was just as good!

Here is Abby and myself and she kept wanting to wear the oven mit. Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! We sure did.

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