Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another day.....

We had tacos for dinner tonight and Abby did a good job of eating her tacos! Her pigtails were not so cute so anymore after a day of playing at daycare...but she is still cute.

Abby let me paint her toenails this weekend look how pretty they are! They still look pretty now and she likes to look at them. I like to look at them too because she looks so girly and so sweet and that is just so adorable!
Here is Abby sitting in the chair getting ready to get her ears pierced, but alas she went home with no earings. She so didn't like the lady that was going to do it and kept giving her dirty looks and when the lady went to put the dots on her ears she gave her a stern look and clearly said "No earings" so, for now it has not happened. Maybe one day soon, but not yet.

Here is Abby tonight at dinner saying that she was eating applesauce and trying to say Arkansas. And yes, she is using a big spoon, if you give her a baby spoon she gets mad and won't eat until you give her a big spoon because she doesn't think she needs a baby spoon anymore. When did she get so big?

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