Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh my Oh my Oh my

Tyson had a game yesterday and when he was in the dugout between innings Abby was handing him popcorn one kernal at a time. They won their game 9-7 and Tyson was 2 for 2 and had 4 outs credited to him. He had a great game and my mom and dad came up to watch him play. After the game Mimi and Pops took us to lunch at Chilis and we had a great visit! Too bad Barry is in Dallas this weekend playing in a softball tournament for the base team, he sure missed some good food and family time!Tyson at Chilis, such a cute smile!
Abby and her sweet tea, she is truely southern to her core!

I had the sunblock with me, but I failed to use it as the wind had a chill to it and the sun kept going behind the clouds...nonetheless I should have, but all in all I truely have a redneck daughter at the moment~She will survive!

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  1. aren't her little pigtails cute? :)