Friday, April 17, 2009

Play time!

The weather was so nice today so Barry and the kids went for a long walk today and when I got home we all played outside, Abby played with her soccer ball and Barry and Tyson played basketball. Abby really enjoyed watching them play ball. She is still running the house like a woman on a mission (that mission being to avoid bed at all costs)! They have started to help at daycare and she is now "old enough" to be potty trained. Now, she has been doing it at home off and on for several months now but at the daycare they are working with her now and have been for about two weeks now. They said that she is doing well and goes once a day but the rest of the time she wants to just go in there and "fush the t-o-i-l-e-t". That is how she says it. You have to stress the word toilet. She is getting so big! Anyway, enjoy the pictures and the video below. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow so it might be a rainy day spent at the Jacksonville library. Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh, I could make some cupcakes....haven't done that in a while. Soccer ball time. On the front porch where it is safe with boards and the ball won't go anywhere.
I am always behind the camera so we managed to snag one of the ladies of the house.

Tyson making a basketball shot

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