Saturday, May 9, 2009

So, last weekend Abigayle and myself went to Texarkana for a wedding shower down in Marshall. We had a great time and actually got back from Marshall about ten minutes before a storm hit that knocked out power and blew down trees! Here are some pictures of the area around my parents house. If you can tell in the picture there is a tree down across the road, have no fear, my dad took care of that as soon as the storm was over! Have to love people in the Country, they can do it for themselves. You can see how much rain they got as their pool is up at the top.
My mom, Sami (the bride!), myself and Abby

Here is Abby at chic fil a, I swear they have the best playgrounds around!! It has rained in Arkansas for eight straight days now (See Lauren, you left just in time) and it is currently raining again. Hard to believe right! I don't know how any of the creeks are going to hold it all. the river is up higher than I have ever seen it before.
I am not sure what my dad told her here, but whatever it was she did not like it.
We stopped by my mom's office when we first got into town and she had a good time playing office worker!
Hello, mimi's office. Can I help you?

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  1. I know...I can't believe how much rain you guys have been getting! I have that weather alert from Channel 7 still calling my phone with severe alerts and my phone has been called at least 5 times this past week...time to turn that off I suppose! I hope you guys get some much deserved sun soon!