Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, on Saturday me and the kids along with my mother and father loaded up and headed to Oklahoma for my great Aunt's surprise 80th birthday! Now, you must read on a road trip and Abigayle cought up with her gossip by reading the latest issue of People magazine.

Once we got into Oklahoma we made a pit stop to stretch our legs and the rest area had tables that looked like teepes! How cute.

Here is a picture of Abby, Mimi, Tyson and Popa

Me and Abigayle inside the rest stop area.

The light fixtures were made out of antlers and I thought that they looked really beautiful.

Once in Muskogee we were at the hotel getting ready and Abby needed a little help with her shoes so Popa was happy to ablige her.

She really wanted to get at that cake before it was time. Isn't that a great looking cake? It was so good and home made!

Here is Popa and Tyson being cheesy waiting on our dinner.
Sorry, I forgot to get the red eye out.

Here is me and my great aunt. Doesn't she look wonderful for someone turning 80!

Back at home on Sunday Abby and I made another batch of mother daughter
cupcakes and here she is enjoying herself. I was glad because she was not feeling
well all weekend and luckily on Sunday her fever broke and she was back to her
old self again and a happy little girl! Not sure what was wrong with her, but it is all
over now and I am so grateful for that!
Here is a picture of the aforementioned cupcakes. Look good huh?!?!

Here is a picture of Abby ready for bed and holding onto her puppy and her teddy bear. Notice how tired I look, it is called two straight nights and days of a sick child. I am exhausted.
Here is a short video of Abigayle feeling much better!

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