Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is how you do Valentines Day!

You prepare the spread and wait for them to show up. We had bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes and yes, if you can see the pancakes they are in the shape of a heart because I rock like that!
Slaving away on the bacon...Tyson took this picture.
Tearing into the gifts. They did really well. Abby got two new purses, some new panties, a skirt and shirt, a valentines day outfit, a new dress, two pairs of sunglasses, houseshoes a balloon and two pairs of flip flops and Tyson got a new hat, two pairs of flip flops, two pairs of sunglasses, money, balloon, two new shirts and four dvd's. WOW.

Here is apicture from before thery opened their gifts, I love the look on their faces.
Close up of the haul, I forgot that Abby also got a new monkey and a new bear.

Tyson showing off his new aviator shades.

His new hat and the other glasses. He really looks like his Uncle Alan in this picture to me.

Here is Abby in the aforementioned Valentines Day outfit. She even got heart socks. I love the Childrens Place.

After all that you need a good nap

This is how a big girl eats dinner. That is right, at the dinner table with everyone else. She has her bumbo seat in the chair and eats with us. Those things have so many uses and now that she is bigger she is using it as a booster seat. Don't try to take her corn away from her.

And for dinner some yummy yogurt! And FYI....Saturday night she went pee pee in the potty and again on Sunday morning she went pee pee and then poo poo! ALRIGHT!

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