Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super...bowl weekend

Ok, so on Friday we tried for the earings again. This time went much better because I had Barry with me and together we got it done! Abby cried when they got her but as soon as the lady finished with her earings she looked at herself in the mirror and said thank you. How adorable is that. The lady then told Barry and I that she had never been thanked by a toddler following an ordeal. That is our little girl, so well mannered. I know that she doesn't get that from me! Here is the picture with her and her earings later that evening.

On Saturday Barry had a softball tournament (shocker) and when I got Abby up from her nap all she had on was her pull ups and her shirt and then I turned around and she had run into her brothers room with her boots and put them on. She got them on the right feet and looked so country that I had to take a picture so here you go.

Here is my sassy little girl talking to my mother on the phone and holding her purse. Love it. She will be so girly. And, her toenails are still painted pink, every night she checks them to tell me that they are "still pretty mommy".

Also on Saturday, I asked her to smile for me so that I could get a picture of her and this is the face that I got. But, you can see that the hair is getting longer everyday!

On Sunday afternoon the Bee Movie was on HBO so we were watching it and she loved the Bee. We had to keep telling her ot move back.

Then we went over to my friend "I"s (that is Robin with an I and I was Robyn with a Y from our college long ago) for a superbowl party and Abby was in the guest room at the kids table watching television and coloring with markers. I think that I will be trying to get marker out of her hands for a few days to come.

Here is a great picture of "I" with Abigayle. Love you Robin and it was so great seeing you! Thanks again for having us over...and I know it will happen for you!

Here is a picture of me, Robin and Abby when we were getting ready to leave at halftime...little ones have to go to bed you know!

And Finally, here is one of Barry and I in our steelers gear together and all I have to say is....WAY TO GO PITTSBURGH...good job and a great game and way to earn that 6th victory in a superbowl. You officially have a six pack now! First team to do it! Hope you all had a great weekend. I am headed to Muskogee, Oklahoma next weekend with the kids so wish me luck. We are going with my parents to my aunts surprise 80th birthday party! Woo Hoo. Again, good game Pittsburgh, or as Abigayle calls them "pitbug".

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  1. yay! i'm so glad you guys came over! it was SO GOOD to see you again & to FINALLY meet abby...who is precious, by the way! love her! :)

    anyway, let's get together again soon! i've missed you, girl!!! :)