Sunday, March 15, 2009

Books Books Books

On Saturday I decided to take the kids to the new library in Jacksonville and it is so nice. I even got Abby and Tyson their own library cards so they got to check out some books. We were having a nice time until Abby discovered a huge stuffed Clifford dog and then decided that it was hers to take with her. She was draging it all over the place. It was so cute. We had a blast. And, Abby loves to read to so she was super thrilled at all of the buckets on the floor in the childrens section just full of books waiting on her to be able to take them out and read them. Here are some pictures of the library. Abby is growing up so fast. She was sitting in my lap today and she was moving her arms around and she hit me in my nose. then she looked at me and said oh, sorry mommy. then she reached up and kissed me on my nose. How cute is that little girl!

Then on Sunday we had a good time and I got a cute picture of her new toenail polish , she wanted blue. She also played football with her daddy and had a dance session. You can check out all that below. That girl will drop everything to do a little dance! I can't wait until this fall to enroll her in a dance class. That will be so cute.

Also, for several MONTHS now I have been asking Barry to fix out toilet. Nothing major, but you can hear it still trying to run once in a while and finally today he decided to finally fix the toilet and I am so excited about it, I know it is nothing major but I am thrilled. I can keep my bathroom door open if I need to and not worry about the door staying shut so that I dont hear anything anymore.

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  1. isn't he SO FUNNY in that last picture? :) ha, ha. well, at least he fixed it. :)