Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Cuteness

Here is the latest picture from her at daycare. Look at those red lips! It almost looks like she has on make-up but she doesn't. She has a great smile and looks so grown up. Last year at this time when they did their spring pictures we had to stick the bows in her hair because there wasn't any hair to hold them in with and now look at those pig tales!
Here are two more pictures from this weekend. The weather was nice so we were outside the entire weekend and Abby took advantage of that and did alot of swinging. I am going to have to get one of these for our house and and put it in a tree in our yard for her. I can't wait for them to take the cover off of the pool and see how she does this summer. She is just growing so fast...and in two more days Tyson will be 9 years old. So hard to believe.

Here is one of Tyson with my dad practicing with his new riffle. He did so well. Dad is so proud of him and Tyson keeps saying that he is ready to go hunting with his Pops. I can't wait until he can go with him, we just have to get him to sit still long enough so the he wouldn't scare anythig away. Maybe this November he will be able to go...we will see. I will keep you posted on how his hunting skills are coming along!

Here is a picture of Abigayle on the potty tonight...and yes she did go potty. She was cold and wanted her towel to be wrapped around her so we did as we were told. Below is a video of her yelling at her daddy while she was on the potty. It was so cute!

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  1. look at her being a big girl!!! she is so adorable! :)