Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Running Wild in Pennsylvania

She shoots she scores! A friendly game of air hockey with her dad! IT was so cute, the little diva kept getting closer and closer to her dad and his goal! We have had such a good time and are sad that we can't see everyone more often, maybe we can get them to Arkansas more often as well! Tomorrow night we will be headed to Virginia to stay with Uncle Bud and Aunt Vicki and then Thursday and Friday it is tours of Washington DC, and the cherry blossom festival is in full effect so we should have a good time amongst all of the other tourist that will the coving the city! This is what it looks like when someone gets into your make up bag and finds the darker shades of eye shadow. The bump on her nose if from a slip and fall on the stairs. it really looks worse than it is. When I took her upstaris to the bathroom to wash her face she looked in the mirror and started to cry and was going "what happened?" I told her that I didn't do it and that she was the one that put on the make up and she said fix it and then she called me a bad mommy for her face! How funny! She is just full of spunk and always surprising me with all that she can say and everything that she knows.
Abby has her Pap Pap wrapped around her little fingers! She hasn't seen him since last year when we were up here for his wife, our Grammy's funeral but she remembered her Pap Pap and had him playing with elephants with her and his was laughing at her resolve and determination not to go to sleep.
After our visit with Pap Pap we stopped by the Spring Dam there in Roaring Spring and the kids fed the fishes and the ducks. We even saw three ducks gang up on another one and keep pushing his head under water and biting him! I soon found myself joing in with the kids shouting out "stop it ducky, mean ducky and bad ducky" Abby and I couldnt understand why the ducks were ganging up on the little guy, but we sure didn't like it and we wanted it to stop! I had to just laugh at myself when the little guy got away because I sounded like a little kid! But, I hated to see that and didn't want anything to happen to the little one because he was cute and the pond was plenty big enough for them all!

After feeding the ducks and the fish we walked around the park and we found a tree with a bunch of carvings and found where Barry's grandfather had carved his initials in the tree HRSlim in 1943! Amazing! You have to love that you can randomally look at a tree and find the carvings of your grandfather! After our visit with Pap Pap and our trip to the park to feed the animals we made a stop by the cemetary to visit the grave of Grammy. It has almost been a year since she has passed and I am glad that we were able to visit with family this trip under better circumstances.
Missy and Bill cooked dinner for the family tonight so we were down there for supper. Their daughter Brooke is only 9 months old and went to bed early. When she was down Abby decided that she needed to play on the jumparoo that was Brooke's. There is video that I will post. It was hilarious as she is way too big to be in this thing, but she was having such a good time. Check out the video posted below and how do you love this hair! Hilarious right! Thanks MiMi for that one.

Abby really loves her Uncle Alan and didn't want him to be out of her sight when ever he was around. Tonight was the last night we would get to see him. Good luck on your exam on Friday Alan!

And after all today's excitement I am pround to report that she is finally asleep for the evening. It is yet to be determined if she will end up in bed with Barry and I again, I can't wait to have a full evening with the bed to myself again (well and with Barry I guess!) but at the same time I really don't mind having her little sassy self cuddled up with me at night. I feel like I am protecting her all night long when she is with me in bed. I love it. It is also making me think, maybe she is ready for a big girl bed even if I am not ready for her to have one yet!

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