Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you Build it

Here is a shot of Uncle Bud, he hates to have his picture taken, but Tyson managed to snap one of him anyway! He works on Harley's for the Washington DC Police Department. Love him. Here is another picture courtesy of Tyson of his Pap in the recliner fixing the slinky that they kids stretched out so far and then got it all tangled up.
Here is a picture of Abby with Casey and Casey is sitting down a little bit so you can't really see that she is as tall as Abby is!

We told Abby that we were going to go shopping and she got her purse. If you ask any good stylish almost two year old what they need in their purse it is a pair of sunglasses and a binky and that is exactly what she has in her purse! So cute.

Another Tyson picture he cut of Barry's head, but that is ok. We don't mind at all.
We went to the mall here in Virginia where we are staying with Aunt Vickie and Uncle Bud and we took Abby to the Build a Bear workshop for her birthday bear and she immediatley picked out a monkey...shocker! It is pink with hearts and a white belly. She named her Maggi the Monkey and it even has velcro paws! I love it. She did adopt it and the stats are that it was born today and it is 19 inches long and weighs 6.7 ounces and has pink hair and black eyes. They guy running the cash register even put in hairbows for her (they didn't last long). She toted the monkey around and we didn't think that she was going to let the lady stuff her because she would have to relinquish the monkey, but she did!
Here is a shot of Abby and Barry pressing the peddle to start filling up Maggi. After the fill up she got to kiss the heart and put the heart in Maggi. It was so cute! This is her first build a bear and I have a feeing that we will be going back several times this year to do a few more, we all had so much fun.
Here is Abby with a finished Maggi! She is telling the lady thank you in case you are wondering what she is doing!
Here is a shot of Tyson with his new Penn State hat purchased by his Grammy and Pap for his birthday he also got some new clothes and so did Abby for their birthdays. We had a good trip to the mall and a great trip to the museums today and can't wait until tomorrow to do the tour and get to see all the sites! Enjoy your Friday everyone. I will leave you with Tyson's smiling face!

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