Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, we went into the city today and first we went to the Museum of American History and then we walked all around downtown and then we went to the Museum of Natural History. Below are some shots of the museums. We had a great time and I have all the pics on my myspace page if anyone wants to see all of them. We are now back at Aunt Vicki's and are going to go to the city again tomorrow and do a tour of all of the major sites. It is cherry blossom festival time and the trees are so pretty. We are having a blast and I am sad to have to come home on Saturday but I know that I need to get back to work and Abby needs to get back into a routine. Abby is doing really well and Aunt Vicki has a greyhound named Tina and a huge Labordoodle named Casey. I will try to get a good picture of Abby with the dogs so that you can see just how big they are they are so cute! Abby loves them. Also they have a slinky, remember those? Well, they have a regular one and a small one and Abby and Tyson have been playing with them and having fun with those. I am going to be sad to see this trip end, but grateful to be back in my bed! Enjoy the pictures.
After the diamond, someone sacked out.
The Hope Diamond, who wants to buy this for me?
Watch out Tyson
Barry, Tyson and Abby in the Museum of Natural History Just nice, couldn't tell you what building that is but I loved the shot so here it is. I am going to turn abunch of these into black and whites and then put them in a phot book.
Museum of Natural History, we were also at the one on American History
The old Post Office, beautiful isnt' it

Post Office

The dress that Laura Bush wore at the Inagural Ball in 2001

Sweet ride, maybe Abby's first car, I know that this one would be safe for her...or is it that it would be safe for all the other drivers?

A picture of me in the Smithsonian on the Natural History
Here is a picture of Barry, Tyson and Abby in front of the Washington Monument.

And finally, a shot of the Treasury Department, think anyone is working in there or are they all just taking a nap?

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