Sunday, March 29, 2009


See the WWI Memorial, this is off the path and completely forgotten! I couldn't believe that after seeing all of the other sites that this one was allowed to get this way! I am thinking about sending these pictures to my elected Senators from Arkansas and trying to get something started. I am not sure if this is the one that Tom Hanks is working to get redone as well or not but something needs to be done. This was a historic war for America and I can not believe that this is what the memorial has been reduced to. You can see where mildew is on the marble because they have not cleaned it. There are not any stone paths to the memorial, they are dirt tracks and the surroundings are completely overgrown. I was not amused by this one at all. I was not moved, I was saddened and not in the way that you should be saddened but saddened in a peeved way at the condition of this memorial.

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  1. Please email me so i can tell you what our foundation is doing to fight for this memorial:-)