Sunday, March 22, 2009

Part one of our trip was our flights. The first flight was from Little Rock to Memphis and then from Memphis to Pittsburgh. On the first flight (it was 45 minutes late!) Abby did real well, we thought that she would sleep seeing as how it was scheduled to leave at 6:45 a.m. so we were up and out of the house at 5, but no sleeping for the interested Abby! She has always enjoyed flying so I was not all that shocked, but still thought that she would go to sleep, but she was having none of that. On the second flight she was getting a little tired, but she still would not fall asleep. We left her in her pajamas for the first flight but for the second we finally got her dressed once we realized that she was not going to be going to sleep. The flights were nice and smooth and no complications! I would have liked to have taken a nap, but that wasn't going to happen. This will be out last trip where she gets to fly free so I enjoyed having her in my lap when she was sitting with me! When we got to Pittsburgh we passed Heinz Field and I got a shot as we drove by. We decided that since we were in Pittsburgh we would give the kids a chance to stretch their legs and we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. It was nice, but oh so cold!

Oh, and don't tell Abby, but her mommy lost her dear puppy in the airport bathroom in Memphis, lost, left whatever...but we had several back ups and so far she hasn't asked for it, but we did buy her a new penguin at the aquarium so maybe that will make up for some of my idiocies.
Barry got this shot of the jellyfish, looks really neat.
Tyson in front of the shark tank, there was such a glare from the windo that you really can't see what all was in the tank but all the pics are posted on my myspace page.

Looks like the shark has something in its sights.....

Check out those teeth! Does anyone else seem to hear the theme song from Jaws right about now?

Once we left the aquarium and zoo we headed to Barry's parents house, we thought that Abby would sleep in the car, but not so fast...she still wasn't going down. By this time is is 4 Eastern time and 3 Central time and still not going down. Here is a picture of Abby, her cousin Brooke (9 mos old) and her cousin Westin (18 mos old). They are so cute watching them together.
Abby and Westin she hasn't seen him since December and she was so glad to get to see him again. It was all love and hugs....yea rightHere is Abby with her Pap Pap, we haven't seen him since last April when we were in PA for Grammy's funeral. He seems to be doing really well, but you can tell he misses her so much, it is almost one year since she has passed. Abby was playing catch with him and he was getting the best giggles out of her and I think that made her day.
Brad and Amber brought up Easter baskets for the kids and we hid Easter eggs outside. The sun was shining (but it was so cold!) This is on Saturday and the kids went out and found Easter eggs. Abby had a much better understanding of it this year than she did last year and we had so much fun. After the Easter egg hunt we did hamburgers and hot dogs and the rest of the family came in so that we could see everyone. then we did a birthday cake for Abby, Tyson and Barry. that is right a three for one special. They are all March babies so we killed three birds with one stone! Amber got Abby the cutest little Tinkerbell poncho and hat and pajamas! LOVE THEM!

She was more interested in the paper than seeing if there was somethig else in the bag or not.

the aforementioned love I was talking about with Abby and Weston, did not include when they wanted the same rocking chair or the same toy. Not sure who was the overall weekend winner but there was plenty of wrestling to go around, and plenty of kisses and sorrys!
Here is a great picture of the Wertz men, from L to R are Barry, his grandfather John Riley, his dad Barry Wertz, Brad and Weston Wertz and Alan and Tyson Wertz and Bill Hershel (Missy's husband).
On Sunday Abby, Grammy and I went shopping and she got new clothes from Children's Place for her Birthday! They make the cutest stuff. Amber and Brad took Tyson shopping and he wanted to go to the sports store and he got a bunch of underarmor stuff. When he puts it on he looks so skinny! It is so funny. Not sure what the plans are for the rest of the week but I do know that tomorrow we are going to go to visit Pappy at his house and on Tuesday evening we are going to go visit Alan at college and take him to dinner. Wednesday evening we will be driving to Aunt Vicki and Uncle Bud's house on the outskirts of DC and touring the city on Thursday and Friday and then Saturday afternoon we will be flying home from Baltimore! I can't wait to be back hom in my bed and having Abby in her bed because she has not been sleeping well, she has slept with Barry and I the past two nights and we are not exhausted, that girl moves all over the place in her sleep and it is amazing that she gets any rest because of all the moving, but I have never been to DC so that is something that I am really wanting to do! Tyson is learning all about social studies in school this year so he is really anxious to get to DC to see the White House. I will post more later! I am going to go and rest and enjoy the rest of my vacation this week! WOW! A full six days away from work. Hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break, we will, just in cooler temperatures!

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